LAKE TAHOE | MARCH 18 -21 , 2020


The North American scene has had a massive resurgence, and Tara Brooks has cemented her place at
the forefront.
Having become one of the new breed of iconic DJ’s has been a steady ascent from the Underground to performing at some of the most
respected parties. Tara has been on the bill for such renowned events such as The BPM Festival, The Cityfox Experience-NYC and LA, Desert Hearts, Do Not Sit on the Furniture-Miami, Coachella, SXM, Lightning in a Bottle, PublicWorks-SF, RobotHeart, Sound-LA,
Space-Miami, Ultra Music Festival,WMC, Flash-DC, KaterBlau-Berlin, Return to Rio-Sydney, Output-NYC.

Her career started like many, collecting and lugging around vinyl, going to events and being a part of the movement in Los Angeles. It was these seminal moments, as well as being a resident at the now in famous Desert Hearts festival that gave Tara the experience necessary to have the fundamental skill sets needed for her career as a touring DJ.

Being a DJ first, it was the next logical step in her path to express herself by making her own music, Tara’s ethos is to help and heal others thru sound, to do something to give forward to others, and utilize her passion and gifts. Tara started her productiopath with friends, over the years her hardwork, experimentation and risk taking created her now trademark sound. Tara’s sounds spread worldwide and she had attracted the discerning ear from John Digweed.
She has shared the stage with luminous legend and this led to her creating “Eunoia”, her first EP on Digweed’s seminal label- Bedrock. The release has received critical acclaim, resulting in interviews, reviews, and high placement in the Beatport top 100.
Her recent outings in 2019 are for such labels as Akbal, Get Physical, and Kattermukke, she found full expression by tapping into her experiences playing underground festivals.

Tara has a rich tapestry to her sets, and they cover so many different moods and soundscapes, her sets are an emotional explosion of a modern and futuristic fusing of genres. There is a range and love for various genres that takes the listener on a storied journey that thinks outside the box by connecting to the audience in a very personal and emotive way. Her style is a true mirror of Tara as a person, emotional, sensitive and full of fire

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