LAKE TAHOE | MARCH 18 -21 , 2020


Lee-Ann Roberts hails from Durban, South Africa. Born to an Italian father and a South African mother she developed a passion for the creative arts, from these music & singing were her biggest passions. From an early age she was a member of the school choir, on leaving school, Lee-Ann learned to DJ. She then became a regular on the club & festival circuit as a party goer, she watched the world’s best DJ’s play unforgettable sets and as time passed her own record collection grew until Lee-Ann felt ready to start making her first steps into the South African music world. Lee-Ann kicked off her own radio Show ‘The Heat’ on Mutha FM in Cape Town until her travels took her to LA where she learned to produce and DJ’d regularly at Avalon in Hollywood.
Lee-Ann has lived a rich, multicultural experience and throughout the years has taken inspiration from the Jimi Hendrix era of psychedelic rock through to the grunge era of Nirvana mixed with her native African percussive rhythms. The result of this unique blend has given birth to her signature techno sound that takes you on an epic journey, inviting her audience to taste soundbites from the past, present & future, bringing all her influences into unique melting pot that has shaped her production sound.
In 2019 Lee-Ann played at Secret Solstice and Caprices Off Festival as well as shows throughout the year in the US, Mexico, Switzerland & South Africa.

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